Organizations like yours are reaping great rewards as they amass data at record rates, giving business users unprecedented abilities to analyze operations to increase profitability and competitive advantage. But with great rewards come significant risks, as the challenges of regulatory compliance and big data management grow increasingly burdensome.

Data3Sixty Govern relieves that burden, providing you with enterprise-level data organization and understanding. With our integrated platform, you will know exactly where data comes from, what it means, who owns it, whether it can be trusted and how to use it—building accountability and collaboration across your entire organization.

Enabling Data Understanding

As a data consumer, you use data to analyze past performance, predict future trends and provide insights for better decisions and strategies. Therefore, it makes sense that data governance should be designed around you. By defining accountability among data owners and stewards, Data3Sixty empowers data consumers by bridging the divide between business users and IT and tearing down organizational data walls.

Data3Sixty simplifies data understanding through a range of integrated data governance tools, including a business glossary, data catalog and data lineage that define data, terms and business attributes, data sources, usage, relationships, and dependencies, as well as data quality dimensions and scores.

It makes sense that data governance should be designed around you.

Managing Metadata

Because metadata is such a broad and multi-faceted category, at times it can be either a boom or a bust—leaving even the most seasoned of data experts bewildered and feeling like they’re only “scratching the surface” of metadata management.

Data3Sixty allows users to quickly translate highly technical metadata into meaningful business information that can be understood and utilized by anyone—yes, anyone. With it, you can acquire, store, manage, and socialize metadata of any kind while enabling simplified business to technical relationships with minimal lineage configuration and providing an understanding of point-to-point data movement.

Meaningful information that can be understood and utilized by anyone.

Elevating Data Quality

Data quality is vital to your organization. Without it, you cannot survive.

Data3Sixty not only helps evaluate the level of data quality across your entire organization, but it can also improve the quality of your organizational data assets. It tracks data quality with a library of standard quality rules, enabling you and all other users across the enterprise to configure business-specific rules and machine learning algorithms based on historical patterns. This function detects quality issues and calculates data quality scores for reliable use by data consumers while also quantifying data security risks.

It improves the quality of your organizational data assets.

Empowering Data Consumers

Tools are worthless if users can’t or won’t use them. Data3Sixty is a tool designed to be embraced and used because it provides you with intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards and workflows that simplify the process of accessing, learning about and analyzing data. Our self-service tools give you transparency into your organization’s data landscape and the power to trust that the data sets you are using are appropriate and accurate.

Gives you transparency into your organization’s data landscape.

Data Governance Benefits

  • Integrated Data Quality
  • One Click, 100% Browser-Based Solution
  • Interactive, Self-service Dashboards
  • Intuitive Workflow Management
  • Social Collaboration
  • Governance Roles & Responsibilities
  • Policy & Business Rule Management
  • Extensive Role-Based Security

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