Gartner Market Guide for Self-Service Data Preparation 2019

Data preparation and analytics have quickly evolved, as business users demand faster and better options for discovering business intelligence. According to Gartner, roles such as business analysts, data engineers and citizen data scientists were previously left frustrated by slow IT turnaround times, and are seeking better time to delivery and time to insight. Indeed, the need to quickly convert raw data to valuable intelligence in a trusted and timely manner is one of the biggest challenges faced by data and analytics teams today. These efforts are further complicated by overworked IT resources facing backlogs from myriad business user data requests, resulting in slow response times that stretch weeks to months.

Fortunately a new class of data preparation tools are supplanting yesterday’s cumbersome tools that were slow and ill-equipped to handle today’s big data demands. Implementing an agile self-service data preparation tool reduces time to insight for enterprise projects in production. It helps support new business users and new data demands, as well as manage new data sources that can be easily joined, prepared, and shared with confidence.

To learn more about the self-service data prep market, download Gartner’s Market Guide for Self-Service Data Prep 2019 Report. The report identifies the leading vendors in the space and their critical capabilities.

Gartner, Market Guide for Data Preparation Tools, Ehtisham Zaidi, Sharat Menon, 17 April 2019