Software and Skinny Jeans

Mark JohnstonSeptember 7, 2017

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A few years ago I boldly walked into our office on the outskirts of Chicago wearing the hottest and oh-so trendy skinny jeans.  As a father fearlessly facing my new reality of being in my 40s, I believed every word the young lady at the clothing store told me when I tried on those painted on “10lbs of sand in a 5lb bag” jeans.  She said I looked “fabulous” and could “totally pull them off.”  Unfortunately, the faces of my co-workers said something different.  The jeans were hot (for someone else), but the implementation (on me) was terrifying.

Sadly, software sales can be similar to skinny jeans; the flashy salesperson convinces your billion dollar organization that you must get on-trend and buy the latest skinny jeans version of the software they are hawking.  Like me, the dad in his 40s convinced he can rewrite history, your company makes an “investment” motivated by finding a secret fountain of youth.  And I am guessing that like those oh-so trendy jeans I invested in, your skinny jeans software ends up in the same place—on a shelf, sadly (or never) implemented,  and collecting dust.

The Customer Experience

What I love about Infogix is that even though we started around the time of MTV, Madonna, and AC/DC, we are not stuck in the parachute pants of yesteryear.  Infogix, like this well-weathered father in his 40s, has experience and longevity on its side.  As my kids say today, “been there, done that.” Our greatest asset is our customers—and you would recognize the names of almost every single one.  Many of the largest banks, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, telecos, and asset managers depend on us and have done so for more than 35 years.  For us, customer experience is everything. We walk side-by-side with them as they navigate the challenges of an ever-changing technology landscape.  And we are not new to this—we are long term experts fully aware that advising our customers to throw out their clothes and buy a wardrobe full of skinny jeans is both bad advice and a near certain terrible implementation.

Customer Experience You Can Trust

You will never be swindled into a pair of skinny jeans by Infogix.  What you will get is an honest assessment of how to catch up to today’s trends and opportunities without abandoning the history and expertise that brought you to today.  And you will be backed by a software company that cares about the customer experience—so much so it leverages more than 35 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience with its customers.

And yes, we (like skinny jeans) are trending, but we (unlike skinny jeans) have been trending for more than 35 years.  Join us – and both the investment and the implementation will be something you are proud of.

To learn more about what Infogix can provide to your organization, check out the data sheet below that outlines the capabilities of our enterprise data intelligence platform.

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